Published on March 31, 2015 1:35 pm MT
Updated on February 6, 2020 8:15 am MT

The Charles Maurer Herbarium Collection exemplifies the mission of CSU by benefiting the citizens of Colorado through teaching, research, and extension services, and is currently working on some great things!  These include:

  • Expanding the undergraduate internship program to include more students, including 2 or 3 work-study student employees each semester.
  • Enabling curators to conduct extensive fieldwork to improve the Charles Maurer Herbarium Collection by surveying areas of Colorado and the adjoining states that are underrepresented in botanical collections. Doing so would better document the diversity of the Colorado flora, and potentially lead to discovery of new plant species!
  • Enabling undergraduate and graduate-student participation in fieldwork for plant collections across Colorado.
  • Improving graduate-student education in botany at CSU. The Charles Maurer Herbarium Collection could host a guest speaker each year to discuss aspects of the Colorado flora (e.g., conservation genetics of rare species, response of the flora to climate change, biocontrol agents for invasive species) as part of the Department of Biology seminar series.  The Charles Maurer Herbarium Collection could also cover fieldwork expenses for graduate students conducting floristic surveys in Colorado or systematic studies of native plant groups.
  • Acquiring a compactor system for the herbarium cabinets to accommodate the active growth of the collection.
  • Leading more field trips and plant-identification workshops for the Colorado Native Plant Society.

By giving to the Charles Maurer Herbarium Collection at Colorado State University you will help us achieve these goals!  Thank you for your support!giving image

mount evans view

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